About FairVega Translations

A Short Biography

photoFairVega services are run by me, Shelley Fairweather-Vega. I am a native speaker of American English, a student of Russian history, culture, and politics, a certified Russian to English translator, and a professional with extensive experience in several fields – all of which have combined to make me a top-notch translator.

I have professional experience in the fields of marketing, language teaching, criminal justice, and library science. I run a library consulting business specializing in providing materials and advice to North American libraries serving Russian-speaking immigrants. I earned an M.A. in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies in 2006, and was certified by the American Translator’s Association in 2009 as a Russian to English translator. Since then, I have added more related skills to my professional portfolio.

You can request my CV by email, or check my online profiles through the contact page.

Services For You

I welcome new projects, large and small, in translation, editing, and desktop publishing. If your project doesn't seem to fit into any of the categories below, I still may be able to work with you. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Creative Translation

Literature & poetry, especially for children and teens

Journalism & analysis

Marketing & PR

Academic Translation

Texts in social sciences & humanities

Patents & prior art

Services for students & researchers

Legal Translation

Laws & legislation

Treaties & contracts

Legal discovery

Legal documents

Creative Translation

Academic Translation


Desktop Publishing

Multilingual versions of  brochures, reports, etc.

Reformatting & recreation

Work directly in InDesign

Games and Software

Localization, checking & adaptation for American audiences

Children’s games

Word games


Checking and polishing English texts

Post-editing translations by automated systems


Games and Software

Editing and Proofreading