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Political dissent in Russia

Russians Resist

Russia and the Soviet Union, sadly, have a long history of authoritarianism and government repression. One ramification of that history is the continuing flow of Russian-speakers into the community your library serves. A second result is that Russia also has a vibrant history of political dissent and protest.

As today's Russia struggles with war and economic crisis, that protest movement is as active as ever. The assassination of dissident politican Boris Nemtsov in late February is only the latest event to spur those protests on.

Below are links to opposition media outlets and FairVega’s list of recommended books by and about prominent Russian political dissidents

the independent Russian newspaper known for publishing dissident political views and inconvenient news stories (in Russian; some English content available). Email FairVega to inquire about subscribing to the print version.

Muslim Journeys

Muslim Journeys - in Russian

FairVega is proud to have supported the libraries who participated in the ALA and NEH Muslim Journeys bookshelf project. Look here for valuable information and ask us how we can help your library reach out to the Russian-speaking Muslims in your community.