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FairVega's statement on the War in Ukraine
FairVega Translations and Library Services stands with the brave people of Ukraine as they resist an unprovoked and unlawful invasion. We know the "Russian World" is diverse, multiethnic, and multinational, and we firmly believe the best aspects of Russian culture will eventually prevail over tyranny and violence. In our translation business, we'll continue to seek out and share with the world stories that challenge nationalist and colonialist mindsets. In the library business, we recommit to providing our library clients with Russian-language literature that reflects the full diversity of views of people who write and publish in Russian, so they can provide the Russian-speakers in their communities with the information and entertainment they seek. Logistical difficulties and moral considerations prevent us from purchasing books from the Russian Federation, but FairVega is still able to order books from suppliers in North America and Ukraine. We will continue to fill orders from our existing inventory and US-based suppliers as long as possible. We're especially happy to help libraries create a Ukrainian collection.
Please join us in hoping for and working toward a quick end to the war and lasting peace to come.