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Russian to English professional translations with creative approach

I’m Shelley Fairweather-Vega,

a freelance Russian to English translator in Seattle, Washington.

Since 2006, I have been transforming written Russian into my native English for clients around the world.
I also occasionally work from Uzbek, which, despite what many people think, is not at all like Russian.

Do you read English?

I specialize in translating from Russian to help English-speakers like you navigate into the far reaches of the Russian-speaking world. Whether your business is legal discovery, academic research, politics and government, or art and literature, I can help. These days most of my work is translating books for children and adults.

Вы хотите писать по-английски?

Пишите без акцента. Чтобы правильно писать, чтобы эффективно общаться, чтобы художественно выразиться по-английски, обязательно необходим перевод носителем английского языка. Избежите всех недостатков понимания. Вы можете читать дальше, или же послать мне e-mail прямо сейчас.

My main services include:

Creative Translation

Academic Translation


Legal Translation

Games and Software Translation

If you have some Russian that needs to be brought into English for your own use, for your client's benefit, or for the good of the world –
let’s work together

Who’s behind FairVega Translations?

I’m Shelley Fairweather-Vega:

  • 1

    ATA-certified Russian to English translator,

  • 2

    enthusiastic translator from Uzbek to English,

  • 3

    native speaker of American English,

  • 4

    M.A. graduate in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies (2006),

  • 5

    freelance translator since 2006,

  • 6

    student of Russian history, culture, and politics,

  • 7

    professional with extensive experience in several fields.

Before becoming a translator, I worked in marketing, language teaching, criminal justice, and library science. I also run a library consulting business  specializing in providing materials and advice to North American libraries serving Russian-speaking immigrants. 

I put those experiences to work in every translation I do. 

Since 2015, I’ve mostly translated fiction, screenplays, popular science, and good books of all kinds. 

You can request my CV by email, or check one of my online profiles!


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Excellent translation as always... some elegant ways of handling tricky phrases.


I love it... It is uncanny how close it is to the original!

fellow translator

Shelley translated scholarship I needed for my dissertation research. She was always prompt, professional, and friendly. Her translations were clear and made sense to my profession (music). Without a doubt, I would work with her again.


Шелли отличный переводчик – чувствует тонкости и нюансы языка, работает продуктивно, точно и аккуратно. Плюс благожелательность и безмерное терпение. Я просто счастлива, что мне довелось с ней работать.


Ismailov’s descriptive writing (and Fairweather-Vega’s brilliant translating) leaves nothing to be desired.

Of Strangers and Bees reviewer

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