Services for Libraries

FairVega's mission is to help your library attract new patrons and serve them better.

Purchase books in Russian and Ukrainian

FairVega will be happy to help your library buy new materials to begin a foreign-language collection, expand your existing one, or just add some fresh new titles to keep your patrons interested. We offer several purchase options so that you can choose one that fits the needs of your library. We focus solely on Ukrainian and Russian.

We do not maintain an inventory or publish a catalog. When you purchase through us, we select exactly the kinds of materials you need, just for you, on demand.

One-time purchasing

Fill out our online form to tell FairVega what you're looking for. We'll send you a quote and help you set up an order.

Set up a standing order

FairVega would be happy to set up one or more standing orders of Ukrainian and/or Russian books for your library based on criteria you specify. You will receive regular shipments, on your schedule, of materials we select following your guidelines.

Set up a one-time bulk order

Bulk purchasing is an easy way to augment your collection quickly. FairVega will select a set of items for your library according to your criteria and your price and quantity specifications.

Library Consulting

FairVega congratulates you on your library's dedication to serving both older and newly established immigrant communities. Let us help you design a strategic approach to building and maintaining your Russian-language and Ukrainian-language collection.

If you already have a Russian collection

FairVega can review what you have and recommend changes and additions. You can request a detailed report summarizing your holdings by genre, subject area, intended age group, or other criteria. Based on the general profile of your local Russian-speaking population, FairVega will help you plan ways to fill in the gaps in your collection or update it with fresh new materials your patrons will love. We can also help you with smaller projects, like an annual weeding, or assembling a reading list for your patrons based on what you already own.

If you're just starting to collect materials

FairVega can help your selectors identify the types of materials you'll need and your best sources for obtaining them. We can help you establish a relationship with Russian and Ukrainian bookstores operating in the US and Canada, or we can select an initial collection for you. See our purchasing page for more details about buying from FairVega.

FairVega is ready to serve you so that you can serve your patrons better.

Services for Libraries

Handle your Russian backlog

FairVega can visit your library to tackle the piles of old purchases or donations that nobody quite knows what to do with. We’ll work with your catalogers and selectors to describe what you have, classify it appropriately, and put it into circulation.
Please contact us to discuss how FairVega can help you do any of the following.
  • 1

    Purchase Russian and Ukrainian books, movies, music, and other material formats, individually or in sets

  • 2

    Establish a standing order by genre, audience, or other criteria to keep your collection fresh

  • 3

    Catalog your backlog of Russian materials or your new arrivals

  • 4

    Add Cyrillic transliterations to your catalog to help patrons identify items they need

  • 5

    Analyze your existing collection to identify gaps

  • 6

    Weed your Russian collection with confidence

  • 7

    Plan for the future of your collection according to your patrons' unique needs.

  • 8

    Start a Ukrainian collection with the right balance of topics, genres, and target audience for your community

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