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I hope I can! Russian to English book translation is how I spend most of my time, and it’s the work I most enjoy. But your book is your own special creation, and it’s important to find just the right translator.

If your book has been published in Russian or Uzbek, you should try to find an English-language publisher. The publisher will then hire a translator for your book. You can also look for a literary agent to represent you in the English-speaking world.

If you would rather represent yourself, you can hire your own translator, and find a publisher later (or self-publish). In that case, I will work directly with you to translate and edit your book, and I may be able to help you promote it.

I want to translate books that I truly enjoy reading. You, as an author, want a translator who really appreciates your work. So please write to introduce yourself, send me your manuscript (or part of it), and we can discuss your options.

I translate almost exclusively into my native language, English. This is a best practice within the translation industry and helps guarantee that my clients always get translations that read like original works, not imitations.

The exception to this rule is the translation of certain common documents – birth certificates, passports, and so on – that are so formulaic that mistakes are almost impossible. I can translate those documents into Russian according to Russian conventions for style and vocabulary.

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No. Other Slavic languages are indeed similar to Russian, but you need to hire a translator who really knows those languages in order to craft a professional translation that catches all the nuance of the original. Please search the American Translators Association directory to find a translator from other languages.

My Russian translation and Uzbek translation rates vary according to project type, complexity, and your deadline.

An hourly rate applies for desktop publishing projects, research, on-site work, and editing.
Per-word rates apply to most translation projects. Longer projects are charged at a flat rate negotiated individually.
A minimum fee of $35 applies to most individual projects.
Discounts may apply for long-term cooperation and good causes. Please ask!

Your fee will include all necessary terminology research, document formatting, and delivery on or before your deadline. I will happily correct any mistakes you find in my work within one week of my completion of the job at no extra charge.

All fees are negotiable and must be discussed before any work begins. I can draft a formal estimate for your project at your request.

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No. Written translation is my specialty, and oral interpreting requires a different skill set. Please search the American Translators Association directory to find an interpreter near you with the skills you need.

I can work directly with the text in files generated by Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, and html documents. For these and other document types, I routinely use the translation environment tools MemoQ or Trados (2017 versions or later of each, depending on your specifications) when appropriate and useful, and by client request. I can use your existing translation memory or glossary or build one for you if necessary.

I held a Secret-level security clearance while an employee of the federal government, and I’ve gone through FBI and GSA background checks many times since then for work with various clients. If you require a separate investigation for your work, please let me know, and I can submit the necessary paperwork for you. I welcome sensitive and classified work.

No. Degrees in translation are rare in the United States. My B.A. and M.A. are in International Relations, with a focus on the Soviet Union, Russia, and the other post-Soviet states. I have studied Russian and Central Asian history, politics, law, education, film, and literature.

Instead of holding a translation degree, I am certified by the American Translators Association.

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