Russian to English translations

I welcome new Russian to English project proposals, large and small. And yes, I also translate from Uzbek.
If your project doesn't seem to fit into any of the categories below, I still may be able to work with you.
  • Literature & poetry in Russian and Uzbek
  • Journalism & analysis
  • Marketing & PR
  • Texts in social sciences & humanities
  • Scholarly research
  • Services for students & researchers
  • Laws & legislation
  • Treaties & contracts
  • Legal discovery
  • Legal documents
  • Localization for American audiences
  • Children’s games
  • Word games
Translation Services

Creative Translation

My passion is literary translation. I love a good story, and when I read one in a different language, my first thought is always to translate it into English so that more people can share the experience.

I translate books of all kinds: for children and adults, fiction and nonfiction, serious and just for fun. My goal is to provide English-language readers with access to some of the best writing in the world, in a language they can understand and enjoy. To that end I work both with publishers and directly with authors. You can find my published work in Words Without Borders, Image, The Critical Flame, the anthologies 100 Poems about Moscow and Best Asian Short Stories 2019, and on bookstore and library shelves everywhere.

I also translate screenplays, game dialogue, poetry, and all sorts of other texts that require a creative approach.

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Translation Services

Academic Translation

FairVega Translations can be your partner in sharing your research with the English-speaking world. With a good English translation of your work, you will be taken more seriously as a scholar. Contact me about translating your Russian-language articles or editing your papers to make them even more impressive.

Have a pile of primary or secondary sources written in Russian? I can also help with your literature review, identifying the sources that might be most useful to your research topic, and sorting them into good candidates for summary or for full translation.

I work mainly with the following topics:
  • Music
  • Literature
  • Sociology
  • Foreign policy

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Get in touch to discuss your project

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